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Client Testimonials for VPS Mart

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Tracy X was very professional and helpful. I was given information to quickly resolve my issue myself.


Penny was extremely helpful and understood my request well. Will await billing to contact me soon.


issue unresolved - due to ISP outage/degredation in my area I can't seem to complete a support request


Responses are quick, prompt and helpful. Today, Rena assisted and helped resolved the challenge quickly. Thanks.


Thanks for the attention and effort to make those changes, great work


Buying concept is confusing, 2 websites, different products and discounts, different accounts... hard to solve, I was on the edge to quit the process. Fortunately, agent helped me.


Hello please i have another question. I want buy server But the price changes when I click on order now ,for example for example i want select basic linux VPS (3.59 per month) After pressing, a new price appears(12.99 + fee setup)


Trying to rate 5 but it's not ticking.bunch, Coco P for your wonderful job this morning.


wonderful support and i will recommend databasemart to everyone.


Short notice, due to some urgent nature of the emergency maintenance, but such clearly could not be avoided.Excellent communication, and minimal downtime


Agent was great, but your site wouldn't let me complete my transaction smoothly and that scared me off as a customer.


Very impressive instant resolution of my problems are given by database mart team. I am very thankful to whole team of database mart and wish them to grow their business.


Thank you so much Rena and Team DBM for your help, understanding and supporting us :)


The agent is so helpful and accommodating. She really extended very good customer support services to me...


I'm a quite good programmer, but have limited experience setting up and managing servers. I really appreciate the support and suggestions you provided me recently. I had a serious performance problem, not caused by your infrastructure but by my lack of experience with SSL effects. Your support staff worked with me through several rounds of suggestions to help me find my feet. The analysis report you provided, plus a recommendation from a friend, led me to a new approach which solved the problem.


Calla was of a service attention and excellence, of the highest level. Thank you very much.


sadly was not able to resolve my problem but still very helpful.


Jonathan Thank you for your time, patience and understanding. Excellent Support :)


The agent was kind, she also guided me on how she could help me.Great service.


Extremely happy with service excellence and professionalism displayed by Aimme in resolving my logging in problem.


Fast and knowledgeable customer service I have been with database mart for a long time and have never been disappointed. Keep up the great work!


Muchas gracias, muy oportuno su ayuda, de ser posible seria bueno que se pueda coordinar en el idioma de nosotros como clientes para entendernos mejor


Excelente y trato amable, atención personalizada, esperamos solucionar nuestros problemas iniciales y nos apoyen con la implementacion del servicio PVS y la activacion de nuestro Certificado de seguridad SSL al dominio santi-app.net. Muchas gracias


Because of sub-par connection speeds, technical support setup a new server in the data center that I already had a VPS located in. This fixed my issue. I'm now getting synchronous up/down speeds.Thank you for the excellent customer service!


My request was responded to promptly. My issue was resolved in a timely manner. Good customer support.


All of the problems this time were of my doing. Typos, that I missed and time wasted because I didn't see them in a timely manner. For that I apologize.


Support agent was a great help guiding me in the direction needed! Thanks!


Very responsive and fixed my error without delay ... great service


Angelica was great to deal with and new exactly what needed to be done. Thanks Angelica!


Ms. Tracy and Ms. Alina was responsive and adept in resolving my requests. Thank you very much!


It was a very nice experience with the support member. I forgot the name but the support member was great. Keep it up.


Hello, very good afternoon, could you please review this ticket [244-28938806-0021] since I am waiting for you to send me the invoice of $ 50 to pay it from the dedicated server and send me the 19 missing IPs


The agent is excellent, he helped me solve problems with the product


Jay P responded fairly quickly to my chat request. We were able to repro the problem.


I had to come back to figure out a few things. I got the same agent and he helped me out. He was great! Thank you :)


Linda is very cooperative and knows her job well, very happy with the service.


I was really disappointed that my VM was reloaded by a technician on accident. I don't understand how that could have happened.However, support responded very fast and had a backup restored within minutes of submitting a ticket. This makes me feel confident in their ability to respond to other incidents should they arise.Great job, support!


shane mam she was really Very Helpful I am very happy to get her service I want her all time to get service.thank you mam for your service


Your people helped me with exactly the right information I needed. They determined the DLL dependency and I was able to do what I needed to. THANK YOU


Calla helped me till i get the result. Have taken a step further to look at everything possible to make the website working. Appreciate the help and the team for helping me out.


Aimme, ótima atendente. Obrigado por me ajudar e esclarecer as dúvidas.


Penny gave me the information I needed fast and complete... Thank you


Shane T was very knowledgeable and helpful in getting my issues resolved.


Extremely fast "no hassle" support service for an operating system re-install. Obviously, it would be nice to have a "self-serve" capability for re-installs, as many of your competitors do, but with 20 minute turnaround, like I received today, self-service would only be marginally faster.


You people can really scale in your market with some improvement on your customer support documentation. Also try and find a better Image Snag tool platform. The one you use bombs the end-user with pixel based adverts 'initially and Takes up to a minute to see the image a chat technician gave me before I can say "Yes, I see it". So I am hitting refresh, refresh, arghhh. Finally, the image is viewable and that is on all browsers, all of them cache cleaned etc. Is this a propagation issue? Or maybe the server hosting that Light Capture program has been under spec'ed and needs more horsepower to bottom. Also added other comments with a short YouTube (unlisted link, only DBM has this) which I will delete in a few days. https://tinyurl.com/3nu2dh5h


Support is great. Had all my questions answered. I also think that your service is great and affordable. I am using a 3 day free trial on the upgraded version after which I will know which one to choose in order to balance performance with budget.


Coco P was very helpful during a very frustrating time with my VPS


Pls keep continuing this kind of service and faster updates. Thanks a lot.


Ryan did fixed the issue from FPM to FCGI due to the faulty hosting panel. Thanks for getting the sites back online.


Always understands my request and goes an extra mile to help. When I've tried others without success and somehow get to meet Sherry X, I am sure my issue will be definitely resolved. If I had a chance to choose who will attend to me, it certainly will be Sherry X.


Calla is an extremely customer oriented resource with a problem solving mindset. Great help and support!!


Un servicio super eficiente y eficaz, respondió a todas mis inquietudes de manera satisfactoria,


Ryan is being very helpful and knowledgeable, the thing is he is willing to help. Thumb up!


As always, great customer service. I had fun and got great services in the end.


I cant thank enough. The support executive personally looks into all the problems and makes sure they are sorted. Thank you again Aimme.


I'd suggest adding custom solution plans (like more storage-less cpu, more cpu-less storage). Coco was fantastic. To the point and precise.


The original ticket was a request for login information to the SolidCP system to add DNS records. The agent responded in a timely manner and I was able to log in to the system.


Rena, Sherry X, Aimme, all was extremely good with me and my problem.Regards


Always the best person to resolve issues for me one time and so efficiently.


Absolutely cal, too time to listen and solved the problem. I am so so pleased.


Shane was great. You guys are seriously one of the best companies I've worked with in the hosting space. I have and will continue to recommend you guys to everyone who asks me where to go for VPS services. Thanks again for the great products, service and support!


Question was answered on time and with clear information. Keep it up.


All my queries answered promptly. Quick response as I expected from support personnel. Thanks and Stay safe.


I have got a best vps server today, I hope I will use it forever!


Are all the employees in your team monks?Why don't female employees talk to me?


I'm very pleased with the agent that assisted me, that is, Tracy. However, am disappointed that I could not find a product that could currently suit my needs. Thanks though, for your assistance.


Thank you very very much Cici Y. for your help, you are really very kind!!! I will post a very good review on Trustpilot when my ticket number 322-27FA5E26-0019 will be solved.


Penny is wonderful, supper support and quick and solve an issue in 5 min. A ticket support was created from more than 12 hours where non of Ryan & Calla was able to fix it. Thank you Penny :)


The problem couldn't be solved quickly so I'm still waiting on resolution but it was handled very well. Best I could hope for in the moment.


Tracy was very quick in fixing my concern and she understood the situation properly.


I am so happy with service and patience to find and resolve issue


One of the best attendants I've ever seen.Total attention, Coco P. a super kind person.After the end of my free hosting period, I will certainly pay per month.


Representatives are prompt in responding and always verify instructions to make sure that my tickets get completed successfully. Love the service


Attentive to detail regarding multiple servers in the same conversation clearly understood instructions


I'm brazilian I do not speak english. Even so the service was rated 1000, you are to be congratulated.


Best support team i've experienced so far. Keep up the good work.


We were mailing a lot until solve all my concerns and ask all my questions


Penny the best support! my 1st time here Thank u to all more powers i invite my co workers to migrate here


Think, Penny is always there if you get a problem - great support Penny :)


Angelica is very professional and knowledgeable. I am switching my hosting provider


They solved the problem I was having, and followed up to make sure I didn't miss any emails, which it turned out I did not get a key email during the process so they saved the DAY!! this was especially important since the process was transferring domain registrar, and there was a risk I could've lost my domain ownership! APLUS!


You already know how I appreciate the customer service department. Once again thanks for fix any issue that I have.


I have made an account now. The same email as here, I see the tickets now. Thank you, It kept failing so I decided to not hold you. Thank you again Shane!


Customer support from this company is really good. I have to take the time to respond this because i feel that you deserve it .Thanks for your good service, i'll give you 10 stars.


extremely satisfied , very help full and fast respon thank you very much


i had a great experience on my ticket support and the response time was awesome.


Coco went above and beyond and even helped me with a mess that I created with the server. I did not really expect him/her to be taking care of it since the server is unmanaged but kudos.


Clearly you have exceeded expectations in understanding customer issues and providing solutions to them


I have not used the product so far but I must state that your agent is really helpful.


Cici checked what was up and a minute later my website outage was repaired. Cici has the magic touch!


Phil was so helpful and understandable. Extremely fast responses and resolved all my issues. Thanks DB Mart!


Support team always help quickly and issue solved perfectly.Thank you very much again Win


How it is possible to change database mart with another provider, since i have this excellent and fast service.Thanks again


Tech support staff are great. I've my server up and running in no time. Thanks.


Courteous, very responsive and able to answer all questions with immediate and accurate knowledge. Many thanks Great person to have on your chat staff.


Cameroon k. has always been helpful each time he attends to my request.


How to publish a web application through visual studio 2019 on the server?


Penny was as usual very helpful in order to solve my request. After being round and round width Email support finally Penny was able to set my firewalls correctly. Keep the good work!!!!


The agent realized useless of the previous servers , and helped us get a better experience specially by following up with us. That is awsome


Thank you very much, I wish the issue were fixed sooner, but it got fixed.


Sorry for some reason my messages stopped going through. Thank you for the help.


Even though the issue isn't solved, Henry D was great in support and escalating when needed.


It's a really good experience especially for Tracy how he guides. appreciated


Rena helped me today with quick responses in a couple mins to resolve the challenge I was facing.Earlier, as well entire support team is quick to respond and they ensure that customer is content with their responses.Thanks guys!


Happy with excellent service received from Alina, She resolved my query expeditiously .


The agent was very knowledgeable and addressed my concern in a quick and effective manner.


Extremely Satisfied even if I'm been annoying during the process but i'm happy and will continue to be a customer for a very long time.


All your tech group are great guys, all the way from AFRICA I a so fulfilled hosting with you Thanks


Great customer service. Work quickly to attend our requirements.


Thank you so much Penny, you're a star. You're very informative and customer focused. Please keep up your good work


great attendant. I just didn't close the deal because the difference in currency exchange is very high.


Gave me the answer fast and straight like I am expecting live chat to be nowadays.


COCO.P service is very good, she solved my problem very quickly and effectively, very professional, I think she must be a beautiful angel, thank you very much.


Hello,Congratulations on the well-prepared and dedicated team in meeting our needs in the shortest possible time.I am very satisfied with the service.I have 2 dedicated servers and a VPS with you.I'm Brazilian and I don't speak fluent English, I use a translator to communicate better.Thank you very much!


All of the agents have been absolutely fabulous and helpful.Thank you so much.. it does mean a lot.Paul.


Your support is very helpful, definitely will recommend it to my friends looking for servers.


Great person, speedy, and got the problem resolved fairly quickly.


Very fast and efficient service. I am very happy with the service.


Jay P by far is the best agent I have dealt with. good customer service. I recommend to give him a pay raise. Thanks :D


Response was quick. Unfortunately you do not have a solution for mining.


Prompt and Quick response from support agent (Penny). Thanks a lot


Extra careful to ensure I knew that all my data would be destroyed.


Tracy X.He or She was Great. Extremly Satisfied with the Support. Keep Up the Good Work.


my problem solved within 1 minutes greate support stay blessed always


Your services is consistently better than excellent. Many thanks


Agent did all he could to assist - really good service from agent. Unfortunately issue not resolved but agent advised he will investigate further


THE BEST. Instead of postponing issues, he/she did everything to resolve once and for all. I am so happy and proud of service and attention i got.


The agent is very helpful and accommodating and able to answer my questions to the smallest details. Good job! Now get my VPS up ASAP.


Upgrade of the server from windows 2012 to 2019 went as planned and was seamless. This was clearly a complex upgrade and was completed in 4 hours without any problems.The process also discovered a minor issue in my DNS for one of my sites, quite outside Databasemart's systems and this was also resolved for me.Excellent service as usual.


Very great assistance, will be purchasing the services. Thank you!


Very quick and efficient help from all the staff 24/7.Unbelievable service. Many thanks.


Excellent and good service, I will sign up when my subscription expires again for a year. I recommend this service


Coco P was very patient in answering my questions and offered me a good discount!! Thanks coco P!!!!<3


very helpful person and expressed the readiness to explain and solve errors


The agent was helpful and didn't make me feel like an idiot even though my questions were not the greatest.


They should keep the control versions updated as SolidCP is from 2018 Version 1.4.2 to version 1.4.8 :D


Prompt replies, professional and always helpful customer care. Thank you


Shane was very kind and helpful with my request and I appreciate he started a ticket for my issue.


Calla Again helped me and resolved my query and concern for the DNS. Thank you team for your patience


I am excited and happy with excellency presented by Aimme in assisting me, her professionalism and patience is the best


I was confused to get one IP for New connection or I can go with existing server. They clarified and given option to take it in existing server with less cost for new IP.


Sherry helped me with all of my issues, and was able to do so very quickly. Thank you very much! :)


very good session... but extremely concern your system is totally dependent on the support team on Chats... i guess they provide personal touch... Otherwise i have no clue how anything work here at DatabaseMart


extremely friendly and helpful, is a pleasure making business with you and your company


Penny was super fast and updated the server in just a couple of minutes. So nice! Thank you.


Since 2 days ago when i signed up for the new VPS, am very happy with timelines for setup , my navigation on instructions , and actually trying out RDC, SQL database and moving to IIS to setup my websites.What the marketing pages describe of the product and features , everything is spot on.Thank you so much especially Pamela for answering all my questions propmtly.Regards Charles


Coco was very helpful, knowledgeable and quick, our request was sorted out in no time.


Penny was very helpful and friendly. Made me feel like a complete moron, to myself, cause I was using the wrong email, but she was very friendly and kind. Thank you Penny


support went through the problem and actually explained the issue.


Calla helped me out first go, give that girl a raise. Thumbs up from me


He was patient with me, since I can't speak English and I was using "google translator"


Applying SSL to my website was a breeze... as you guys at databasemart handle most of the process steps involved when we buy the SSL thru you. Thank You!


I am extremely happy with the support I received. The agent name was Penny, and did super quick job for everything I asked. Thank you.


i am 100% sure of your product and the agent was too good i appreciate him/her


Penny is Great, please be sure she has her preference of beach-side lounge with handsome dudes bringing unlimited tiki drinks!


Solved my problem so swiftly. I highly value my time with the agent.


helpfull, laughter at my jokes .... that maybe .... weren't.... too funny


You have the quickest reply of any provider... Always helpful.Yusuf


Extremely helpful and solved my issues the fastest way. I am so pleased with the service and would love to have him/her assigned to me always.


The agent wasn't obliged to help me, but they went out of their way to do so and the desired result was achieved.


As usual prompt response to resolve my self made problem. Thanks Rena, keep up the good work.


Very professional and very prompt response to the needs that is what one is looking for, solution and speed. Thanks!!!


Support agent is so polite and respond and solve my queries quickly. And, I never expect you upgrade my server without lose my data and configuration even my IP... This is awesome to me. I highly recommend Database Mart.


Are all your employees disabled? Don't you type by hand? Why do you reply so slowly


our programmer killed the server. got new server because old server died (was not able to reboot) so installed new server onto account. programming on clients.databasemart.com is not up to date when it comes to issues like this. please update the programming


Quickly answer, the agent show a natural interest in solve my issue,


Thank you guys for your effort, we feel do all do the most you can do


Great helper, extremely patient with customer, I really like this cs


The timely and prompt assistance from Perry is well on point and helpful.


I think Sara and Jay were the ones who’ve been very helpful lately. Thanks!!


I am extremely satisfied. The agent was very professional and demonstrated expertise.


MISS TRACY excelent information and pacience... she resolved all my doubts thanks


Great support from the support folks they helped me setting up my VPS server, webpage and mail.


Thank you for staying on top of this intricate OS installation process, despite errors


Agent was responsive and helpful looking into this issue for us.


He/She was great. I decided to keep this service because of their support. Awesome!!!


Very quick resolution of the problem, exactly what I had hoped for.Thanks very much


You're the best. I hope to stay with you forever. I wish to grow my knowledge with you guys. We haven't chatted much with Tracy but you can tell she's customer focused and well knowledgeable regarding the products. 5 stars all the way


As a new customer, your prompt responses to our needs as we configure/troubleshoot/deploy our new website has been amazing! THANK YOU!!

02/16/2021[email protected]***@***mity.com

Definitely recommend MGT Clusters to anyone looking for fully managed Magento Hosting.


Lost a good amount of server time but the Support Crew came through!


Ryan is a wonderful guy with sound technical knowledge and he is very quick to respond to all queries. I appreciate his help


Very quick and helpful. Precise information given that helped making decision immediately. Thanks


While my issue wasn't resolved, Sara made an attempt to resolve it and even offered escalating it to her superior to help with me issue. I find this really commendable.


Thank you for prompt, professional support, Emily! Issue was resolved quickly.


happy with excellent service from Coco ,his patience with me as i interrupted him whilst helping me. I marvel the professionalism displayed in the process to help me m


Extremely satisfied with communication and actions of the agents.I work with many vps, servers and colocation companies for a lot of years and havent found a customer care with this level.congratulations!


Penny did everything possible to help me out. Really happy with the service i got ! well done guys/


Cannot fault these people. They are always excellent, helpful, cooperative and quick.


Great support ! Thanks Sherry X.Database Mart Support Department


Penny skillfully repaired our database connectivity issue using the classic off-then-on-again maneuver. BRILLIANT! I recommend a pay raise for Penny!


My VPS bugado.monteiro.com failed on Windows Update and could not boot anymore. The agent give the option to restore an old image or attach the old disk to a new installation, that was what I opted for. The communications were clear and everything is working now.


took their time to help out with an error . Even though they didn't fix, I appreciate the time and effort.


Your customer support is excellent.You go over and beyond expectation, please keep it up. Thanks.


The people and service were great. I really appreciate your help. Unfortunately the same issue has occurred before so it would be helpful to know what is causing this problem. Or at least what was done to fix it. If it's something that I'm doing that's causing the problem, I'd certainly like to change my procedures.Tom


Fantastic guy ! please promote him in to next level . good person !!


The best support that actually answers your questions. Thank You.


Thanks a lot for your great support.Things got crazy but at the end the support team provided the solutionThanks Cameron K


I had the most patient agent in the world, super friendly and attentive at all times, there is nothing to fault, just the excellent service.


Your Agent was so helpful on fixing my mistake and was so nice about it, i am so pleased to find a company with your standards, i purchased a year to start with and plan on staying aboard now.


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