How to Install and Use Tabby Terminal on Windows

Tabby terminal

What is Tabby?

Tabby is an infinitely customizable cross-platform terminal app for local shells, serial, SSH, and Telnet connections. It is an alternative to Windows' standard terminal, PowerShell ISE, PuTTY, macOS and iTerm.

As of July 2023, the Tabby project on GitHub has exceeded 49k stars.

Tabby github stars

Features of Tabby

Integrated SSH and Telnet client and connection manager
Integrated serial terminal
Theming and color schemes
Fully configurable shortcuts and multi-chord shortcuts
Split panes
Remembers your tabs
PowerShell (and PS Core), WSL, Git-Bash, Cygwin, MSYS2, Cmder and CMD support
Direct file transfer from/to SSH sessions via Zmodem
Full Unicode support including double-width characters
Doesn't choke on fast-flowing outputs
Proper shell experience on Windows including tab completion (via Clink)
Integrated encrypted container for SSH secrets and configuration
SSH, SFTP and Telnet client available as a web app (also self-hosted).

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Download the latest app release of Tabby Terminal from the Latest release, here we choose the tabby*x64.exe file for Windows.

download tabby install package for windows


Click on the package to install it. Choose the installation method you want then click next. The next window that opens allows you to set the location of installation, You can change or leave it as default. Then click on Install. Once the installation is done, the following window opens. Click on Finish to exit setup. You can check the Run Tabby to open once you exit the setup.

finish install tabby

Launch Tabby on Windows

Click the Tabby shortcut icon on the desktop to start Tabby Terminal. The welcome page will appear on the first startup, please close it.

launch tabby on windows

Getting Started

Create Profile

Click Settings, open the settings window, click Profiles & connections tab on the left menu, and click the light blue New profile button. Under the Profile and connections tab, you are able to view the profiles which you can connect either via SSH or Serial. You can also create a new profile.

create new profile

Create SSH Connection

Then select the base profile to use a template, I choose SSH connection.

create ssh connection

Add the profile details, including the name, Host, username of the server to connect to, and Group of the instance. You will also have to provide an authentication method. Let's take My Ubuntu VPS as an example. After filling in the necessary information as shown in the figure below, click the save button to save the profile.

config ssh connection

Open SSH Connect

As shown in the figure below, click the window icon to open the Profile list, select the ssh connection Profile “My Ubuntu VPS” created in the previous step, and click the Enter button behind it to quickly open the ssh client window.

open ssh connection

We are using Ubuntu 20.04 Linux VPS hosted by VPSMart, the initial information after ssh login is as follows:

ssh login welcome info

SFTP Transmission Tool

Click the SFTP file icon on the upper right to open the remote server file browsing function.

tabby sftp files viewer

Download from remote server

Click the file you want to download in the file list, and the save window will open automatically, then select the path and save it.

sftp download file

Upload file to remote server

Drag the local file directly to a certain directory in the Tabby SFTP file browsing window, and the file will be uploaded there automatically.

sftp upload file



Click on Settings to customize the app. The first setting is the Application tab which allows you to check for software updates and change the language interface. You can also report a problem on GitHub.

tabby application settings


The next setting is the Appearance tab. This tab shows you how to change the font and even the terminal background. You can select the color from the theme or from the Color scheme.

tabby appearance settings

Color scheme

You can customize Tabby's appearance by using various theming and color options.

tabby color scheme settings


From this guide, we have installed Tabby Terminal Emulator on Windows 10. Tabby is a free, open-source terminal emulator of the modern age. It is a good terminal emulator with customization options to fit your identity and Plugins to extend its performance It has a SSH client, Telnet client and a serial terminal integrated with it.