Installing Cinnamon Desktop Environment and XRDP service on Remote Ubuntu 22.04

In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of installing the Cinnamon desktop environment and XRDP service on your Ubuntu 22.04 server, enabling you to access a graphical interface and enjoy a streamlined desktop environment.


You already log in to your remote Linux server
Once your server is deployed, the login credentials are usually sent to your registered email. You can also get server login information, including username, password, and port in the Database Mart control panel, please refer to guide on how to manage servers in Database Mart control panel.

Please refer to the guide How to Connect to a Linux Server Remotely to log in to your Remote Linux Server. Next, input your login password as prompted.

Log in to Linux servers

Install Cinnamon Desktop Environment and XRDP Service on Remote Ubuntu 22.04 Servers

Install Cinnamon on Ubuntu Servers

In this example, we will use the Ubuntu 22.04 operating system.

As the following several operations require the root permission, we will switch to the root user first using the command below.

sudo -i
Switch to the root user by running command sudo -i

After that, issue the commands below to update your list of packages.

apt update
Run apt update

To get the latest version of Cinnamon, you can use the Universe repository. The Universe repository contains a wide variety of software that is not part of the default Ubuntu installation. Therefore, we use the following command to get the universe repository first.

add-apt-repository universe
add-apt-repository multiverse
Add universe repository
Add multiverse repository

Then, we update all packages again and install the Cinnamon desktop environment.

apt update -y
apt install cinnamon -y
Update packages
Install Cinnamon desktop environment

Install XRDP on Ubuntu

XRDP is a protocol that allows you to connect to your Ubuntu system remotely using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Issue the commands below to install xrdp service.

apt install xrdp -y
Install XRDP

Next, enable the XRDP service and start it by issuing the following commands.

systemctl start xrdp && systemctl enable xrdp
Start and enable the XRDP service

Configure Xclients

The echo command writes the string "cinnamon" to the ~/.Xclients file. And the chmod command changes the permissions of the ~/.Xclients file to make it executable. The commands are configuring the ~/.Xclients file to run the "cinnamon" desktop environment when the X session starts.

echo "cinnamon" > ~/.Xclients
chmod +x ~/.Xclients
Configure to run the Cinnamon desktop when X session starts

Test the RDP Connection

Now, we can test if you can connect to the remote Ubuntu server using RDP.

Open RDP service on your local machine. Then, input your Linux Ubuntu server IP in the Computer field and click Connect.

Open RDC

Then, you can see the RDP login interface. Enter your Linux server login username and password and click OK.

Enter login username and password

With the right credentials, you should be able to access your Cinnamon Desktop environment as follows.

Cinnamon desktop environment